Sharing Secrets

Between my addiction to new ideas and my love of magazines, I feel like I’ve tried every beauty trick out there. While some have been borderline failures, some have been absolute success! I want to let you in on some of these tips that have kept my skin happy through even it’s worst days:  1. Cleanse Twice: When you wash … Read More

Summer Skincare Challenge : DRINK IT UP!

One of the biggest challenges I’m facing this summer is dehydration. No matter how much I try, I never seem to drink enough water. It’s so important for beautiful skin to stay hydrated so here are some easy ways to motivate yourself to DRINK IT UP!  goldfishkiss: Good ol’ H2O is pretty much the go to solution for everything. It … Read More

Mango Sugar Scrub Recipe

One of my favorite things about Hawaii is the abundant variety of delicious tropical fruit. I decided to take advantage and treat myself to a freshly made body scrub from the fruit that I purchased from the local Kona Farmer’s Market earlier this week! Studio B. Mango Sugar Scrub from Brittany Kuntz on Vimeo. The hardest decision I made this … Read More

Biggest Challenge Yet : Hawaiian Sunshine!

I’ve been in Hawaii for one week today and can proudly say that I have yet to sunburn! I’m going to say it’s because of my undying dedication to sunscreen application but in truth I have to thank my adorable new beach hat for protecting my face when I fell asleep on the beach. Lesson learned – buy yourself that … Read More