Meet Rome.

As you know, I love my bulldog, Lucca! So much so that my husband and I get her a little furbaby brother. He’s already proving to be a handful — full of energy, attitude, and so much love.  AK & I love Italy – it’s where we went on our first major trip together and fell in love (specifically we … Read More

Master Class: Dry Brush Skin with Christy Coleman

What’s the one thing you can do to improve your immune system, remove dry skin AND reduce the appearance of cellulite? Dry Skin Brushing! I know, it sounds too good to be true, but this technique has been used for years and actually works! BEAUTYCOUNTER SAYS: Forget the doctor’s office: The easiest path to fewer colds, reduced cellulite, and softer … Read More

Oh hey, October! + Start Running Guide

October may be one of my favorite months.  Fall is starting to make an appearance as the leaves slowly start to change… and the air is becoming less like a sauna. Plus, Halloween is one of the most fun holidays for someone who loves makeup. After taking an eternity a few years off from running, I’ve started it back up and couldn’t be … Read More

Glitter Guide + Beautycounter Love

Have you checked out the adorably informative lifestyle blog The Glitter Guide? It’s just lovely. They recently featured Beautycounter products as one of their Go Buy Now lines. Check out their 5 Favorite Products and then try some for yourself!