Bump Update: Weeks 23 – 25

Total weight gain: 15.5 lbs. Maternity clothes? Still loving them! I actually found the adorable website: Pink Blush Maternity. Their clothes are super cute for pregnancy and after! {Update: some of my outfits were the perfect post-baby wardrobe additions!} Stretch marks? No! Can you believe it? Sleep: Eh… Some nights better than others. Workouts: Still doing yoga. More at home than in the studio though. Diet: I … Read More

Bump Update: Weeks 21 & 22

Whew. Coming back from a vacation is more work than it should be. Luckily, we planned it so that our flight arrived Saturday night. This gave us all day Sunday to get organized and recharge. Week 21 was such a whirlwind, I didn’t take one bump photo, so I’m tying it together with Week 22 in today’s Bump Update! Total … Read More