My Birth Experience: Isla James

I feel like I need to preface this post… AK was a big baby (over 9 pounds!). I am a petite girl (4′ 11″). Once it was clear that Isla James was either average or large, we knew there was a risk of complications if I went past my due date. For this reason, once we hit 38 weeks, everyone … Read More

Bump Update: The Third Trimester

  Wow. I can’t believe this is my final Bump Update. I’m sorry I haven’t kept a detailed record of the last 11 weeks. It’s been a long, tough road. Total weight gain: 30.5 lbs. – exactly where they wanted me! Isla was born 1 week early at 39 weeks. Maternity clothes? Yep! Maternity everything. Stretch marks? I’m shocked to say I only … Read More