It Works! Greens: Momma’s magic drink

I always knew I’d be short on sleep after having a baby (see Sleep Training Struggles for more). I’ve always been sensitive to caffeine – it makes me jittery and sends me into an anxious mess – so coffee is unfortunately not an option for surviving the day. Luckily, I discovered a magic potion. Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I … Read More

Sleep Training Struggles

I’m currently writing this as my bebe is 8 months old and still not consistently sleeping through the night. I’m actually on my third day of getting less than 4 hours of sleep in a row… I can totally see why sleep deprivation can be used as torture. Everyone says “at this age, your baby is perfectly capable of sleeping … Read More

Refresh, Reboot, Cleanse.

I am in serious Get it, Girl mode this week. With a big trip to Cabo next month, I’ve been really focused on building good nutrition habits. It’s been a long-time goal of mine to cut back on my sugar so I wanted to get a jump start on that! Did you know that the average person can hold up to 10 … Read More

My Birth Experience: Isla James

I feel like I need to preface this post… AK was a big baby (over 9 pounds!). I am a petite girl (4′ 11″). Once it was clear that Isla James was either average or large, we knew there was a risk of complications if I went past my due date. For this reason, once we hit 38 weeks, everyone … Read More

Bump Update: The Third Trimester

  Wow. I can’t believe this is my final Bump Update. I’m sorry I haven’t kept a detailed record of the last 11 weeks. It’s been a long, tough road. Total weight gain: 30.5 lbs. – exactly where they wanted me! Isla was born 1 week early at 39 weeks. Maternity clothes? Yep! Maternity everything. Stretch marks? I’m shocked to say I only … Read More

Bump Update: Weeks 26 – 28

Yay! Final few weeks of my second trimester. These past few weeks have been a whirlwind. First, we’ll start with the good: we had an amazing baby shower in Tulsa, OK where my family lives. So many wonder women showed up and really made me and Isla feel loved. It was bumble bee themed and over-the-top cute with little honey … Read More

Bump Update: Isla James Kimmell

Isla James Kimmell The bump has a name! My dad, James, passed away when I was 15 from cancer. I always knew I would name my first child after him and I’m so happy that AK was on board for James as a middle name. Since she had a more masculine middle name, we wanted to balance it out with … Read More

Bump Update: Weeks 23 – 25

Total weight gain: 15.5 lbs. Maternity clothes? Still loving them! I actually found the adorable website: Pink Blush Maternity. Their clothes are super cute for pregnancy and after! {Update: some of my outfits were the perfect post-baby wardrobe additions!} Stretch marks? No! Can you believe it? Sleep: Eh… Some nights better than others. Workouts: Still doing yoga. More at home than in the studio though. Diet: I … Read More

Bump Update: Weeks 21 & 22

Whew. Coming back from a vacation is more work than it should be. Luckily, we planned it so that our flight arrived Saturday night. This gave us all day Sunday to get organized and recharge. Week 21 was such a whirlwind, I didn’t take one bump photo, so I’m tying it together with Week 22 in today’s Bump Update! Total … Read More

Bump Update: Week 20 (Babymoon!)

Everyone responded similarly when AK and I told them we were headed to Disney World for our babymoon: “Aw! That will be fun… Wait… Disney, really?” I’m pretty sure most friends thought we were crazy. I have to admit, I was hesitant to pull the trigger at first, but I’m so glad we did. This week was truly magical! We … Read More