Bump Update: Telling the Hubby

{It’s December 21st, 2016}

3 minutes have never felt longer. Yesterday, I took four pregnancy tests. Each had a very (VERY) faint positive line. I refused to let myself believe it was the positive mark I’d been hoping and praying for and I needed some more solid proof. Seriously, avoid all those forums that make you believe your four positive pregnancy tests were all false positive. Not worth the stress.

Anyway, today, I headed back to Target to purchase the more expensive digital version that you cannot confuse between a Pregnant or Not Pregnant reading. No smiley faces for me, I needed it written out with no doubt.

1 minute in and I’m resisting the temptation to look. I’m pacing at this point. Both of my dogs have joined me in the bathroom, clearly feeling the tension building. Luckily, they have no clue what’s going on.

2 minutes in and I can’t wait any longer. I check the test and about crash from the mix of emotions I’m feeling. “Pregnant. 1-2 weeks”. Of course, I do what any rational person does in this situation and break down crying to my dogs who immediately think something terrible has happened.

Next, I clean myself up and pretend that the greatest news in the world has not been delivered. I can’t give away the good news to AK until I’ve figured out how to make it a surprise. Right…

If you don’t know AK, then you don’t know how much he loves Nike Jordans. He’s collected them since he was a kid and has been dreaming of the day he can start our own mini collection for our little ones.

Immediately, I order the cutest pair of baby Jordans I can find on eBay (and cry again). I have a feeling this is going to be happening a lot in the next 9 months. Since we’re so close to Christmas, my plan is to wrap the little shoes in an adult size box with a card so he’s completely surprised when he opens them Christmas morning.

Once ordered, I had the impossible task of waiting. Well, almost 2 days passed and I had just about cracked when I received an email that the shoes were back ordered and wouldn’t arrive in time. Ok, don’t panic. Plan B…

Our Christmas tree was already set up and AK knows how hard it is for me to wait till Christmas for all the fun, so I decided we needed an “early present opening”. I told him we would each be opening a present so to come downstairs in a few minutes.

When he was upstairs, I quickly took a new pregnancy test and waited a few seconds till the “Pregnant” showed up. Will I ever get used to seeing that!? Then I slapped a big white bow on it and hid it in the tree.

As he came down the stairs, I told him to search the tree for his gift. He wasn’t expecting it at all and it took him longer than I expected to find, but it was the perfect Christmas gift. No need for the shoes, his face was in total shock as he read the test.

Merry Christmas from the Kimmells!

A few days later (Christmas Eve) AK’s original gift of adorable baby size Jordan shoes arrives and is wrapped under the tree for Christmas morning. Yes, we both cried again when he opened the box.