First Trimester Lessons

I’m what some may consider a busy bee. I like to have projects, work full-time, and try to do it all. One of the hardest parts of being pregnant for me was during our 6th week when I was told to slow down. I was having some cramping and light spotting (which of course made me completely panic) so I … Read More

Genetic Testing & Gender Reveal

During our 8 Week doctor appointment (the long one!), a nurse sat AK and I down and started asking a series of questions. Most were easy to answer about our medical history and the rest would have been easy if I wasn’t adopted. You see, the questions the nurse really wants answers to require you to know your family’s medical … Read More

Bump Update: First Trimester

I stumbled across this awesome idea on a few different blogs and thought I’d incorporate it into mine as well: Weeklyl Bump Updates! While I missed out during the first trimester, I thought I’d get us caught up today. So, here’s my first Bump Update and I’m covering weeks 4-13. Total weight gain: 0 lbs. I was pretty nauseous the first … Read More

Bump Update: Telling the Hubby

{It’s December 21st, 2016} 3 minutes have never felt longer. Yesterday, I took four pregnancy tests. Each had a very (VERY) faint positive line. I refused to let myself believe it was the positive mark I’d been hoping and praying for and I needed some more solid proof. Seriously, avoid all those forums that make you believe your four positive … Read More

We’re Expecting!

Last week, I waited patiently as all my groceries were rung up by the sweetest clerk at Trader Joe’s. We chatted casually about weekend plans as everything was bagged and I was ready to go. As I walked out the door, I heard the sweet lady yelling after me “Ma’am! Um, excuse me ma’am, you have to pay!” Oops! Minor detail. … Read More