Think Dirty. Shop Clean.

The other night, my husband and I went on a scanning spree in our bathroom. Now, before I explain what in the world I’m talking about, here’s a little background: My husband and I work together at a Tech Startup here in Boulder, CO – we both get excited over anything tech related (I would consider myself a huge Beauty Geek), … Read More

Why I Decided To Become A Beautycounter Consultant

I’ve spent years looking for a safe, effective skin care brand that I can fully get behind and share with my loved ones. Studying Nutrition has opened my eyes to the deeper problems we face on a daily basis – constant interaction to toxic foods, chemicals and personal care products. As a whole, we hear so much about what not to … Read More

Up Your Beauty Routine with Masks

Let’s talk about Masks, baby! Adding a mask to your beauty routine will help speed up results and give your skin that extra boost for any occasion. I love masks. I’ve always used facial masks to make my skin feel extra plump, healthy, hydrated, etc etc… It’s the easiest way to get a quick glow and treat any problem areas. … Read More

Treating Ingrown Hairs

Ugh. Getting ingrown hairs is the worst. You can get them pretty much anywhere but they seem to be more common in areas where your skin rubs and/or is moist (bikini line or underarms anyone?). The last thing you want to deal with during the days of warm weather is hiding any embarrassing irritations. Here’s some tips to dealing: It’s … Read More

Exercise & Your Skin

We all know the benefit of facials – clear, glowing skin that appears full and healthy. Did you know that one of the main reasons your skin appears this way after facials is because of increased circulation? All of the massaging, active products and steam increase the blood circulation in your face and body. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to working cells … Read More

Fall Favorites

Happy Fall! It’s officially the first day of fall and while I love the summer for it’s sunny days, watermelons and lazy days at the creek, I’ve been excited to bundle up and watch the Broncos {hopefully} win some football games. Bulky Sweaters & Bold Nails {Julep’s Gunta – note the Broncos Blue color} Falling Leaves {and Lucca who loves … Read More

Dry Skin Needs Extra Love

Dry Skin is pretty easy to identify. We’ve all had those days where it feels like we just can’t chug enough water and it shows through our skin almost too immediately. Worst part? Dry skin ages quicker. In order to restore skin’s youth and keep hydrated, the proper steps must be taken on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Keep … Read More

Organic – Not Just For Eating

Organic. It’s so hot right now. There are many Whole Food shoppers and Yoga addicts who focus on body health and mind health – living healthy lifestyles and maintaining healthy diets. FUN FACT! Your body has the ability to absorb up to 80% of what you put ON it.. Think about it, doctors prescribe topical medications all the time.  If you’re … Read More

How Clean Is Your Skin?

Days 2 & 3 of my AdvoCare Cleanse were rough.. I cheated by eating pizza on Day 2 (yes, I am weak and pizza is my greatest weakness) but paid for it yesterday. They say that the first 3 days are when all your toxins are being released so it’s normal to have a headache and not feel great.  They … Read More