Ask Miss A

I’m excited to announce that I will be contributing to the Beauty Confidential portion of!  “With over a million readers annually, Miss A is an online women’s magazine covering the intersection of charity and style. Miss A provides heartfelt, rather than manufactured, content for women’s well-rounded lifestyle interests including political and social issues; art and cultural events; charity galas … Read More

Venus De Miles

This was my first year to participate for Venus De Miles, an all women bike race, here in Colorado benefiting Greenhouse Scholars. Venus De Miles is such a fun-spirited event! Each year, women from all over come together for noncompetitive cycling, great music, food and a post-ride festival. Unfortunately, I am not a strong enough rider to race but I … Read More

Sharing Secrets

Between my addiction to new ideas and my love of magazines, I feel like I’ve tried every beauty trick out there. While some have been borderline failures, some have been absolute success! I want to let you in on some of these tips that have kept my skin happy through even it’s worst days:  1. Cleanse Twice: When you wash … Read More

Summer Skincare Challenge : DRINK IT UP!

One of the biggest challenges I’m facing this summer is dehydration. No matter how much I try, I never seem to drink enough water. It’s so important for beautiful skin to stay hydrated so here are some easy ways to motivate yourself to DRINK IT UP!  goldfishkiss: Good ol’ H2O is pretty much the go to solution for everything. It … Read More

Mango Sugar Scrub Recipe

One of my favorite things about Hawaii is the abundant variety of delicious tropical fruit. I decided to take advantage and treat myself to a freshly made body scrub from the fruit that I purchased from the local Kona Farmer’s Market earlier this week! Studio B. Mango Sugar Scrub from Brittany Kuntz on Vimeo. The hardest decision I made this … Read More

Biggest Challenge Yet : Hawaiian Sunshine!

I’ve been in Hawaii for one week today and can proudly say that I have yet to sunburn! I’m going to say it’s because of my undying dedication to sunscreen application but in truth I have to thank my adorable new beach hat for protecting my face when I fell asleep on the beach. Lesson learned – buy yourself that … Read More

Summer Skincare Challenge: Packing & Purging!

I’ve had one busy Memorial Day weekend & am relieved to say it’s almost over! Not only am I packing for a 2 week vacation {leaving in 2 days!!} but as soon as my boyfriend & I get home, we’re moving into an apartment together!  I’ve made a complete mess of my space & had to spend my whole day … Read More

Summer Skincare Challenge Week 1 : Daily Care!

After my facial this week, my skin peeled slightly revealing a new layer just waiting to be refreshed & nourished. In order to maintain the results, I created my own daily routine for morning & night.  Here’s my daily skincare plan:   Living in Colorado has seriously dried out my skin so using a daily skincare routine that will add extra … Read More

Studio B. Summer Skin Challenge

I’ve been working on a healthier lifestyle for the past few months & love it! I’ve changed my diet to be more balanced {which has included a much needed veggie overload} & started working out more regularly – nothing intense or crazy, just small changes to improve my health. Since starting, I’ve noticed my skin’s appearance has become more vibrant … Read More

Not-So-Secret Skin Tip: Nutrition!

For the past week, I have been dedicating my eating habits to The Eat-Clean Diet by Tosca Reno. WOW! The biggest changes I can see in myself are not only my waist line and energy levels, but the glow to my skin! I always knew that proper nutrition was essential but my never satisfied sweet tooth always held me back … Read More