It Works! Greens: Momma’s magic drink

I always knew I’d be short on sleep after having a baby (see Sleep Training Struggles for more). I’ve always been sensitive to caffeine – it makes me jittery and sends me into an anxious mess – so coffee is unfortunately not an option for surviving the day. Luckily, I discovered a magic potion. Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I … Read More

Refresh, Reboot, Cleanse.

I am in serious Get it, Girl mode this week. With a big trip to Cabo next month, I’ve been really focused on building good nutrition habits. It’s been a long-time goal of mine to cut back on my sugar so I wanted to get a jump start on that! Did you know that the average person can hold up to 10 … Read More

Recipe: Sea Salt Honey Butter Popcorn

In less than 2 weeks, I will be soaking up some serious sun on the beach in St. Maarten. Like any girl, I’ve thought about my wardrobe and realized that 90% of my time on vacation will be spent in a swimsuit. While I think that everyone should just rock their body no matter the shape or size, I naturally … Read More

Trader Joe’s Breakfast Shake

I’m officially a New Yorker! After a crazy few months, Andrew and I are finally settled in Brooklyn with our two little bulldogs. Unpacking after having our stuff in storage for 6 months was like an extra Christmas. After a quick trip to Trader Joe’s, I whipped up an early morning protein shake for breakfast this morning using my long lost blender. … Read More

Oh hey, October! + Start Running Guide

October may be one of my favorite months.  Fall is starting to make an appearance as the leaves slowly start to change… and the air is becoming less like a sauna. Plus, Halloween is one of the most fun holidays for someone who loves makeup. After taking an eternity a few years off from running, I’ve started it back up and couldn’t be … Read More

August Update + Things I Love

As I’ve mentioned before, my husband and I (& our bulldog) are in the process of moving to NYC (feel free to check out my Pinterest Board dedicated to NYC)! It’s been a long, crazy August so I thought I’d share a little update. We’re still waiting for the perfect time to move. We’ve been blessed by friends with places … Read More


Do you know the difference between a good carbohydrate and a bad carbohydrate? Carbohydrates are the main sources of energy for the body and are very misunderstood. Many people think that cutting out carbs is the secret to losing weight when in reality, it’s just managing your consumption of the bad carbs! Learn more: Good Carbs vs. Bad Carbs And check … Read More

Environmental Health 101

I’m not trying to scare anyone with these statistics but the more you know, the better choices you can make to protect yourself and your loved ones! Our environment has become a health hazard in many ways… This infographic from Beautycounter helps to break it down for ya! Beautycounter has made it easy to choose safe beauty products. Not only … Read More

7 Ways To Get Your Body Bikini Ready

Oh MAY! May always feels like the sneakiest month to me… While the word bikini may make your stomach turn knots in anxiety or have you screaming in excitement for your next beach trip, there’s plenty of things you can do for yourself to feel confident when the bikini day arrives: 1. Drink TONS of water! No, coffee (or margaritas!) don’t count. … Read More

FDA Finally Bans Trans Fats

The FDA finally banned trans fat in foods, but here is an explanation of why they are doing it and what trans fat really is. Read on here: (Source: