Lemon Water

Beautiful skin starts from the inside. Having a healthy diet and lifestyle will improve your skin’s overall appearance {not to mention the amazing anti-aging benefits!}. I’ve always felt that if I start my day off right, I’m more likely to continue the trend and make healthier choices through the day. The easiest thing you can do to get a healthy … Read More

7 Day Butt Challenge – SkinnyMs

While spending the afternoon avoiding my statistics homework, I stumbled upon a challenge. I usually lose interest in challenges if they last longer than 30 seconds but this one caught my eye. 7 Day Butt Challenge from SkinnyMs.com – a set of 20 minute workouts to do over 7 days (they even include 1 day off!). Sample Workout:  100 Prisoner … Read More

Strawberry Protein Shake

A well balanced breakfast is so important for kicking your day off right. When you don’t have time to bake a delicious egg frittata or enjoy a cup of coffee while reading the paper (do people really do that still?), you can still be healthy with an on the go protein shake. My personal favorite: Strawberry! I use:  – 1 … Read More

Green Juice Recipe

I love juicing. There, I said it. It’s an easy way for me to get the vitamins needed everyday without eating a salad. Yes, salads are great too and you should eat lots of them. But on days where a salad just isn’t in the cards? Juicing is a great alternative. Today’s Juice: The Green Juice Celery (2 stalks)- Very Alkalizing. … Read More

Running – Short Legs & High Altitude

In high school I ran cross country. It was great – I was in some seriously good shape and even though I wasn’t close to being the best, I could still finish a 3 mile race. This was in Oklahoma where there are hills, not mountains and the elevation is 722 ft. Now, I can barely run a mile without … Read More

Exercise & Your Skin

We all know the benefit of facials – clear, glowing skin that appears full and healthy. Did you know that one of the main reasons your skin appears this way after facials is because of increased circulation? All of the massaging, active products and steam increase the blood circulation in your face and body. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to working cells … Read More

End Of Cleanse – Feeling Balanced.

I’m sure you’ve heard that everything you put in your body is reflected on your skin. Well, don’t under estimate the truth behind it! After 10 days of cleansing, my skin was glowing and so was my energy level. I spent the last weekend in California at the Natural Products Expo West {posts and pics to come} and I’m not … Read More

How Clean Is Your Skin?

Days 2 & 3 of my AdvoCare Cleanse were rough.. I cheated by eating pizza on Day 2 (yes, I am weak and pizza is my greatest weakness) but paid for it yesterday. They say that the first 3 days are when all your toxins are being released so it’s normal to have a headache and not feel great.  They … Read More

Boulder Love : Elana’s Pantry

While being on a gluten-free diet may be challenging for most people (especially those cooking for an entire family), Elana Amsterdam has changed challenge into passion. After learning that neither she nor her son could eat gluten, she began experimenting with recipes- all being judged by her husband! Her recipes are not only good for you but they taste great … Read More

iHealth Digital Scale

The best holiday gift my boyfriend and I received this year was without a doubt the iHealth Digital Scale aka Pure Motivation. The sleek looking scale can connect by Bluetooth to an iPhone (or iPad) app so I can record my daily weight (yikes). It’s awesome because not only does it motivate me to work out and eat right but … Read More