Genetic Testing & Gender Reveal

Gender Reveal Cake from Tee & Cakes, Boulder, CO {I was sure the inside was blue!}

During our 8 Week doctor appointment (the long one!), a nurse sat AK and I down and started asking a series of questions. Most were easy to answer about our medical history and the rest would have been easy if I wasn’t adopted. You see, the questions the nurse really wants answers to require you to know your family’s medical history as well as your own.

Our nurse was very kind and understanding as she listed off the questions and diligently marked them each with “N/A.” She then smiled and asked if we had any questions before moving on. What I wasn’t ready for was how I would feel about all those “N/A” answers. I immediately felt (unfairly) like I was already failing at pregnancy. While I knew this wasn’t the case, my emotions were definitely getting the best of me, so I blurted out, “Should I get genetic testing? I feel like I just failed a test!”

Sensing my panic, AK gently took my hand and asked the nurse for information on genetic testing so we could discuss it at a less emotional time.

And we did! We decided that early genetic testing would provide both of us as much peace of mind you can get in your first trimester. So, on Week 10, Day 2, I headed back to the hospital and gave 14-15 vials of blood for testing.

One week later, we got the good news. Not only was baby healthy and negative for all genetic abnormalities, we could also find out the gender should we choose!

My mom visited a few days after and we bought a Gender Reveal cake to show our families. Since it was still early, we hadn’t told many friends and only immediate family members, so those who knew we were expecting called in on FaceTime to watch the cutting of the cake.

Something in my gut told me the baby was a boy, so I was just waiting for the confirmation. I already knew his name, bought some bibs, and was planning a perfect little boy nursery…

You could say I was surprised 🙂