How Clean Is Your Skin?

Days 2 & 3 of my AdvoCare Cleanse were rough.. I cheated by eating pizza on Day 2 (yes, I am weak and pizza is my greatest weakness) but paid for it yesterday. They say that the first 3 days are when all your toxins are being released so it’s normal to have a headache and not feel great. 

They should tell you that if you cheat, your body retaliates against you. I’m not sure if it was the toxins or the forbidden pizza but my skin broke out and I had a feeling of overall unattractiveness yesterday. Needless to say, I learned my lesson and am even more dedicated than before. 

While I’m cleansing my body, I thought I’d share some tips on how you can get the ultimate clean skin for yourself! Oh.. The joy of being Clean!  

  • Pick the right cleanser. Picking the right cleanser can be just as important as picking your perfect career – and sometimes just as difficult! Oily skin responds best to foamy cleansers (my favorite foaming Pangea Organics cleanser) while dry skin needs some extra moisture from creamy cleansers (my favorite creamy Pangea Organics cleanser).  
  • Wash your face every time you shower! Nothing makes your pores open wide like standing in a warm, steamy shower. With the pores open, you can cleanse deep into the skin and remove even the most stubborn bacteria. 
  • Remove makeup first. Whether you wear a little makeup or a lot of makeup, it’s important to remove it before cleansing. At night, I like to wash my face once to remove my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer (favorite beauty product) and then cleanse a second time to pick up any dirt or excess oils left behind. If you don’t remove your makeup first, you might not be cleansing your skin like you think you are!
  • Take it up a notch! If you want guaranteed clean skin, invest in a Clarisonic Cleansing System. The results speak for themselves. 1 minute gives you healthy, glowing skin that will begin to reduce the signs of aging over time!