I’m happy to announce that on June 8th, I will be marrying my best friend, Andrew Kimmell!! It’s taken me some time to write this post – not because I wasn’t dying to share the news but because every time I sat down to write, I would tear up (happiest tears!) and have to step away.

image{Andrew & Me in London, 2 weeks after he proposed}

Well, here I go. Two (and a half) years ago, I met Andrew. Immediately, I was drawn to his quiet confidence, creative outlook and fresh style (and sexy hair, eyes, smile…). After an immediate first date, it was obvious we would never be anything less than best friends.

image{When I met his mom!}

After a year, we had traveled to many fun places (I can’t begin to try to name all our adventures) and fallen more in love – I truly believe you learn more about a person when you travel together. Without question, we moved in with each other, adopted our first child, Lucca and were on the road to happily ever after.


If you’ve ever talked to Andrew, you know that he will take any idea you may have and help you understand a way to make it happen. Well, two years and many margaritas later, I’ve opened my own dream – Studio B. I would have never been able to do it without the love and support of my creative, inspiring Andrew.


Everyday, I wake up feeling blessed. Andrew makes me smile every day and I couldn’t ask for more. Love is really the most valuable gift you can ever be given and I sure hit the jackpot with this one. xo

I’ve worked with over 50 brides in my career and feel confident in a strong beauty regimen. Over the next 6 months, I will be sharing my beauty goals, regimen, nutrition tips & workout routine for looking my best on the most special day. These tips can be used to motivate you to feel your best too ~ no excuse needed!