Oh hey, October! + Start Running Guide

October may be one of my favorite months.  Fall is starting to make an appearance as the leaves slowly start to change… and the air is becoming less like a sauna. Plus, Halloween is one of the most fun holidays for someone who loves makeup.

After taking an eternity a few years off from running, I’ve started it back up and couldn’t be more delighted by the effect it’s having on my everyday life. What do they call that? The runner’s high?

It was tough to get back into the running routine. At first, my pathetic attempts to get motivated usually resulted in a once-a-week run that barely counted as a workout (read: more walking than jogging).



So, I kicked my butt into gear and downloaded Couch-to-5k. Not only did it help me to have an app keeping track of my routes, times, pace, and more, you can actually connect with friends and encourage each other to keep going.

Once I decided that I was going to take running seriously, I looked up some inspirational running blogs:

Fit-Personality is definitely my favorite. It’s a real girl’s experience in health & fitness. She even includes running tracks so you can listen to new music while on your runs.

Ok, next! I found that my runs were WAY better after I had really stretched. You hear stuff like that all the time but it’s like that salad calling your name at lunchtime – you think you want to skip it, but you feel better if you don’t!


Yoga Studio APP

Stretching can be boring. I like to use Yoga Studio App once a day to get a good stretch on, relax, or as a workout. Sometimes, before I run I do the 15 minute beginner stretching routine to get loose.

Pay attention to what you eat: avoid processed foods, big meals, and too much coffee before going for a run. I’m careful to hydrate as much as possible during the day to avoid issues with cramping, dehydration or any discomfort.

The main thing to remember – get out there and have some fun! Yeah, sure, the first week of running kinda sucks. You feel like you might not survive and your body is betraying you. But, if you stick with it, I promise it will get better!




Here’s a motivational video to keep you inspired.

xo, B.