Running – Short Legs & High Altitude


In high school I ran cross country. It was great – I was in some seriously good shape and even though I wasn’t close to being the best, I could still finish a 3 mile race. This was in Oklahoma where there are hills, not mountains and the elevation is 722 ft. Now, I can barely run a mile without stopping for a breather every quarter mile. Pathetic, I know.

{I’d like to take a moment and blame my short legs and the higher elevation} 

I can’t honestly place the blame for my running weakness there. The truth is I’m out of shape. Sure, I hit the gym fairly regularly for some light cardio (elliptical) and strength training (I recently upgraded to the 5 lb weights) but that’s nothing compared to running for me. This morning, I decided to challenge myself to run twice a week.

I needed a little motivation. I put on my cutest workout outfit and downloaded some energizing music. At first, I was thinking about how beautiful it was outside and how good this was going to make my skin look.

After 5 minutes, I was thinking about quitting, trying to breathe and making a detour to the Rio Grande to grab a margarita (no one would know if I quit early, right?). Lucky for me, my Nike App chimed in at that moment with my average mile pace “you goal is in sight – keep it up!”. This made me remember that my run was being tracked. I still had to stop for air but it kept me away from the sugary margarita calling my name.

By the end, I was feeling great. Though I still had to stop a few times, I finished my 1.5 mile run. It wasn’t the best I’ve ever run but I know I tried my best. Best part – my margarita cravings were replaced with a need for healthy snacks.

I have two months till the wedding day – woo hoo! My goal over the next two months is to get into good enough shape to run the entire 1.5 miles without stopping. It might seem like a short run, but it’s a solid starting point to me! I ‘pin’ a lot of workout ideas to my Pinterest so if you want to get motivated, check it out. Here’s a sample of what I pin: