Sleep Training Struggles

I’m currently writing this as my bebe is 8 months old and still not consistently sleeping through the night. I’m actually on my third day of getting less than 4 hours of sleep in a row… I can totally see why sleep deprivation can be used as torture.

Everyone says “at this age, your baby is perfectly capable of sleeping through the night,” but what does that really mean?! Why is she still waking up at 5am some days and 1am others? And why did she wake up 5 times (yes, FIVE TIMES) last night?

We tried the Ferber method of letting her cry for time intervals. It helped, but didn’t completely stop the wakings. She will have a week or two of perfection followed by a complete return of random wakings that require soothing for comfort. They usually last for a few nights and then she falls back into her routine and I get a little break.

At this point, I’m just rolling with it. It seems like the days that we stick to schedule end up being the best nights – napping is key for sweet Isla James.

While I know it’s not true, I feel like I’m failing. It’s hard not to compare to others her age and feel that she’s “behind” the average. Also, the jealousy. I’d absolutely love to be getting some consistent sleep at this point. I envy the moms at the library whose little one sleeps 12 hours straight and still naps during the day.

I will say, I now can appreciate the term “Mombie”. My skin has never looked worse – when did I get such dark circles!? – and my brain is in survival mode at most times. Oh, and did I mention that I can’t drink coffee? It just doesn’t sit well with me and my anxiety. Luckily, I discovered Greens and they’ve completely saved my life.

I amaze myself everyday that I can get out of bed and not only function, but stay positive and completely in love with the sweet child I get to spend my days with. Yes, some days are harder than others and I have had to lean on AK more than I’d like to admit, but for the most part, I’m happier than ever.

Has my body just evolved to survive this kind of lifestyle? A mother’s love is truly no joke. Even after the roughest of nights, I love seeing that little smile in her crib every morning.

Anyone else go through this? Was it just a phase or do I just have to hope it ends by the time she goes to college?