7 Ways To Get Your Body Bikini Ready

Oh MAY! May always feels like the sneakiest month to me… While the word bikini may make your stomach turn knots in anxiety or have you screaming in excitement for your next beach trip, there’s plenty of things you can do for yourself to feel confident when the bikini day arrives: 1. Drink TONS of water! No, coffee (or margaritas!) don’t count. … Read More

7 Day Butt Challenge – SkinnyMs

While spending the afternoon avoiding my statistics homework, I stumbled upon a challenge. I usually lose interest in challenges if they last longer than 30 seconds but this one caught my eye. 7 Day Butt Challenge from SkinnyMs.com – a set of 20 minute workouts to do over 7 days (they even include 1 day off!). Sample Workout:  100 Prisoner … Read More


Hi, I’m Brittany. Health Coach, Esthetician, Momma. Currently living in Portland, OR with my husband (AK), daughter (Isla James), and two stinky bulldogs (Lucca & Rome). Get that glow back, Momma! When I was pregnant, I felt like everyone put effort into building up my self esteem. I felt the pregnancy ‘glow’ that everyone talks about. However, once my little sugar, … Read More

Exercise & Your Skin

We all know the benefit of facials – clear, glowing skin that appears full and healthy. Did you know that one of the main reasons your skin appears this way after facials is because of increased circulation? All of the massaging, active products and steam increase the blood circulation in your face and body. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to working cells … Read More