Why You Should Get Some Sun This Summer + How To Do It The Safe Way

Practicing safe sun during the summertime is not an easy task! Luckily, you don’t have to skip out on sunny days all together. Mindbodygreen just posted the article Why You Should Get Some Sun This Summer + How To Do It The Safe Way by Dr. Frank Lipman that really helps to break it down – thought I’d share! Quick tips … Read More

Are You At Risk Of Skin Cancer?

It takes 3 minutes to save your life… If caught early, melanoma has a 95% survival rate! Get regular skin checks and keep it safe in the sun with sunscreen! My favorite sunscreen: Beautycounter’s Protect Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Face Sunscreen Know your personal risk: Take this Safe Sun Quiz by YouBeauty.  

Summer Skincare Challenge Week 1 : Daily Care!

After my facial this week, my skin peeled slightly revealing a new layer just waiting to be refreshed & nourished. In order to maintain the results, I created my own daily routine for morning & night.  Here’s my daily skincare plan:   Living in Colorado has seriously dried out my skin so using a daily skincare routine that will add extra … Read More

Studio B. Summer Skin Challenge

I’ve been working on a healthier lifestyle for the past few months & love it! I’ve changed my diet to be more balanced {which has included a much needed veggie overload} & started working out more regularly – nothing intense or crazy, just small changes to improve my health. Since starting, I’ve noticed my skin’s appearance has become more vibrant … Read More