Up Your Beauty Routine with Masks

Let’s talk about Masks, baby! Adding a mask to your beauty routine will help speed up results and give your skin that extra boost for any occasion.

I love masks. I’ve always used facial masks to make my skin feel extra plump, healthy, hydrated, etc etc… It’s the easiest way to get a quick glow and treat any problem areas.

There’s tons of options when it comes to facial masks- anti-blemish (Tea Tree Mask), anti-aging (Re-Vita-Lize Anti-aging Mask), exfoliating (Pumpkin Enzyme Mask) and more. It’s best to choose the one that fits your needs most.

– What is your skin type?

Dry skin – go for something more hydrating. The Vita Rich Mask is my favorite {it’s the one I use every week!}. 

Oily skin – try the Tea Tree Mask or something exfoliating like the Papaya Pineapple Mask {if you want to take it up a notch, go for the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask!}.

I recommend to use a mask once a week. I love using masks (especially exfoliating masks) in the shower. The steam will help to open your pores and push the mask deeper into the skin while activating exfoliating enzymes. Plus, masks can be slightly messy – it’s easier just to turn around and rinse your face in the shower rather than splashing in the sink.

I’m taking this up a notch in order to keep my skin and hair looking perfect for the wedding day. I’m treating myself to a facial mask AND a hair mask at the same time {once a week}. I personally use the Vita Rich Mask for about 10-15 minutes on my face while giving my hair a treatment:


– First, I massage my scalp with shampoo to stimulate the hair follicles and keep it growing long! Next, I useBIOMEGA’s Intensive Conditioner as a hair mask from Roots to the Ends. I let this sit for about 5-10 minutes (thick, curly and/or coarse hair can leave it on longer) before rinsing my face and hair completely clean!

Doing this once a week gives me time to relax and escape from wedding planning while treating myself to something beneficial! Maybe I’ll hold onto this habit even after the big day…