We’re Expecting!

Lots to Celebrate this New Year

Lots to Celebrate this New Year

Last week, I¬†waited patiently as all my groceries were rung up by the sweetest clerk at Trader Joe’s. We chatted casually about weekend plans as everything was bagged and I was ready to go. As I walked out the door, I heard the sweet lady yelling after me “Ma’am! Um, excuse me ma’am, you have to pay!”

Oops! Minor detail. Believe it or not, you DO have to pay for your groceries before leaving Trader Joe’s. That was the first of many pregnancy-brain moments I’m sure to have over the next few months.

I’ve been journaling for about a year now in anticipation for the day that I get to write this post. Having a baby is life-changing (we’ve all heard that before), but what I never knew, was how life-changing pregnancy is. My sweet husband AK and I are so happy to announce that we have a baby on the way due September 1st, 2016!

Currently writing this, I am 15 weeks along (AH!). As you can imagine, lots has happened in the past few months. Stay tuned for the full story of when I found out, how I told AK, telling our family and friends, and details of each week’s progress. xo